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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and He will reward him for what he has done Psalms 19:17 (N.I.V)
Who We Are

UPENDO CHILDREN TEHABILITATION CENTRE was founded in 1997 and registered as an NGO in 1999. The idea emanated from the founder Mrs. Eunice W. Kamotho who sympathised with orphans particularly attributed to HIV/AIDS whose basic needs had nobody to meet. A group of like minded persons joined hands and helped to provide for these orphaned/destitute children with food, clothing, medication, education as well as counselling. Through this outreach programme, over 30 children have benefited while living with loving relatives of foster parents. We have managed to educate some of these through universities and colleges.

However in 2000 the group realized there was another category of orphans whose life was vulnerable to abuse in hands of the carerers. It became imperative to save these orphans by providing accommodation. The local government kindly provided a piece of land in Central kenya, Murang'a District, Kiharu Division, Gikindu Sub-location for this purpose.

In 2002 the group, with the help of local community managed to construct basic facilities e.g. a dormitory for 20 children, toilets, a bathroom and a kitchen.

On 1st October 2002 the first intake of 7 orphans aged between 8 months and 3-years were admitted under the care of a House-mother, an assistant and a night guard. The founder took charge of the daily management

Proposed Income Generating Projects
  • Production and sale of farm produce
  • Production and sale of poultry
  • Production and sale of fish
  • Production and sale of dairy products
  • Posho mill for the center and the community
  • Health center for the center and the community
  • Community sensitization and mobilization to create a sense of ownership and social responsibility for the care of the orphaned.
  • Participatory leadership - involving the local community and stakeholders to build the critical mass base for the project sustainability
  • Collaborative partnership with other NGOs focussing on children issues.
  • Local resource mobilization through fund raising as the local community participates actively in planning and implementation of the center.
  • Exchange visits to other children centers to learn and familiarize with their experiences
  • Training the Project Management Committee (Board) on aspects of project development and management
Once completed the center will care for upto 100 children aged between 0 and 18 years

Admission Process


Participants ready to be flagged off during the Annual UCRC Cycle Rally

A fund raising committee assisted by the Board Members conduct fund raising activities such as annual cycle, dinners, walks, drama, golf and fund raising meeting among others.

Construction and equipment of an additional dormitory to accommodate at least 20 more children. (NOTE: 42 children and 3-support female staff are accommodated in a dormitory originally meant for 20 little children)