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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and He will reward him for what he has done Psalms 19:17 (N.I.V)
Mission Statement

Giving life New Hope through care and protection. Our aim is to provide for he physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of orphaned, destitute, abused and abandoned children who otherwise have no hope for life

  1. To rehabilitate these children with the aim of helping them to acquire human dignity and self reliance.
  2. To feed, shelter, clothe, educate and provide recreation, counselling and helthcare to 100 children in the center
  3. To influence policy includingadvocacy on children's rights and children's issues in general
  4. To provide long-term opportunities for vocational skills training for young persons to become self reliant
  5. To provide healthcare, education and vocational training services to the local community
  6. To construct a full-primary school to cater for the children from the local community as well as those in the center
  7. Where possible, reunite the children with loving/willing close relatives.
Core Activities
  • Care of the children living in the center through the provision of quality food, clothing, accommodation and recreation
  • Provision of therapeutic and rehabilitation services to the children in the center
  • Provision of nursery, pre-primary and primary education to the children in the center and those from the neighbouring community.

The House Mother taking sick children to hospital 25 Kms away. This is the only means of transport